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If you are planning to study in Bocconi, the best thing to do is to find a flat that is walking distance from the university as there 's no metro stop next by.

Feel free to check the available apartments we offer and do not hesitate to call us or send us an email to for any need regarding your "real estate stay" in Milan.
Choose not to have any surprise, trust a professional real estate agent!

Flat Expenses

On top of the rent asked, in order to calculate correctly your budget, you must remember that you will have to pay the following amounts:


BUILDING FEES: they will be explicitly stated in the rental contract and could include heating expenses, they must be wired to the landlord together with the rent (from 50 to 250 EUR depending on several parameters)


INTERNET CONNECTION: you pay directly the internet provider unless is not provided in the flat by the landlord, and charged within the building expenses (around 30 EUR)


GARBAGE TAX: depends on flat size, around 100 EUR)


STAMP DUTY AND REGISTRATION TAX: only if your landlord is a corporation and not a private individual (64 Eur + 1% of the net yearly rent)


INSURANCE POLICY: if required by the rental contract (around 120 EUR a year)




BROKERAGE FEE: to our company that amounts to 15% of the net yearly rent plus vat (negotiable depending on flat)


Formally 4 years contracts (the only legally robust rental contract framework in itay - allowing you to stay in for your entire university course)
Three months notice to leave the flat
Twelve months guaranteed stay (for instance, if you get in in September, you can leave the flat not sooner than the end of August the following year)
Security deposit to the owner, before the delivery of the keys, of 3 months of rent
Contracts are officially registered at the local tax authority
Please check if the specific landlord asks you to repaint, or not, the flat when you leave (the cost ranges between 600 up to 1600 EUR depending on flat size)


  • Allow for shorter stays (for example allowing a tenant to stay just from September till June)?
    The owners of good quality apartments require a constant flow of return from their investments, managing their properties long term during the college year and short term during the summer months (July and August) would be too cumbersome. That's the reason why we always require a minimum stay of 12 months (if the rental starts in September) , or at least to bring the flat till the beginning of the next college season, in order not to have any gap in the money flow to the landlord. The market is full of shorter term renatls but as we all know, the increased monthly prices they ask, more than compensate for the two months potentially not needed during the summer.
  • Give up the security deposit request?
    Landlords need to have some sort of guarantee for the damages that a tenant, or a group of tenants, can make to a property. As for the time being there's not a commonly recognized insurance solution to this problem, the best is still to ask the tenant to wire three months of net monthly rents to the landlord, money that will be used if and only if anything breaks in the flat. The presence of a realtor guarantees that this money will not be abused.
  • Offer the apartments we manage at lower, if not no, fees at all?
    Well, collecting brokerage fees from the tenants we help in securing nice places to stay in Milan is the way we make a living. The residential rental business in Milan is so competitive among real estate agencies that owners, of the best flats for rent, pay very little in terms of brokerage fees. That's why we are not able to make discounts of give up brokerage fees, our business is based on this cashflow. You pay us a fee at the beginning of your stay but in exchange you get a rental contract that theoretically allows you to stay in the property as long as you wish at the same exact conditions, that's the reason we believe the price you are paying is fair.
  • Allow for online visits only to secure a flat?
    We always prefer to have a contact in Milan the tenant trusts to visit the flat in person for him or her, not to have any complain when the flat is physically delivered when the actual tenant arrives in the city for the keys. In the last period, due to covid, we sort of relaxed this requirement but visiting the flat in person is still the best way to get a full and complete knowledge of how the property is like, and more importantly its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have a better forecasting ability of which properties will be available for rent in a specific date in the future (tipically for the next September)?
    We offer long term contract only, tenants can basically stay in a flat as along as they wish, this means that the only way - for certain - to know when a flat is going to be free is when the notice, from the current tenant, officially arrives to the landlord who informs us. This happens only 3-4 months before the actual departure, as we allow for three months notices in our rental contracts. That's why our forecasting ability on which flats are going to be the available in the future is limited.
  • Allow for visits 24-7?
    The majority of the flats we manage are rented out on a continuous basis, this means that in order to show a flat to a new prospetive tenant, we need also the ok of the current tenant for the visit. That's why in order not to bother people during the weekends, in early montings or in late afternoons/nights, we do not allow for visits 24-7. We usually allow for visits Monday to Friday, from 9:00 till 18:30.
  • Deliver, or take back, keys 24-7?
    Believe it or not, we have a life too outside this business, and the same is valid for the landlords who usually require to be present at the departure of a tenant to have their own check of the state of the property in order to immediately address eventual issues. That's the reason why a delivery of the keys or the moment of departure from a flat need to be fixed in the calendar a week in adavnce and cannot happen 24-7
  • Add whatever feature is required by the prospective tenant to a particular flat?
    Stuff costs money. As the flat is not directly owned by us, the decision to buy or not a new feature depends on the landlord. The decision if to add or not a feature is based on a trade off taking into consideration the increased appeal (or even monthly rent the owner coudl ask) of the place relative to the cost to be paid in order to obtain it. We struggle to meet our tenant-clients requests but sometimes the features requested simply do not make sense from an economic perspective.


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